Tal Thompson is an award-winning, National Board Certified, passionate, and energetic teacher. As a nearly twenty year teaching veteran, Tal has seen many changes in the education world since he began teaching back in 1998. Through all of those changes, he has evolved into one of the most engaging teachers around.

Tal was a finalist for the 2015 America’s Top Teacher award on the Live with Kelly and Michael show. Tal recently received the Citizen Education Elementary Teacher of the Year award for the state of South Carolina.

Tal currently teaches fifth grade at Stone Robinson Elementary in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is here that he invests so much time and energy into what he believes to be our greatest natural resource… children! Tapping the potential in every student is at the core of his teaching philosophy and vision. He has achieved his success through creating a classroom environment that nurtures confidence, camaraderie, and accountability within each and every student. When he’s not creating future leaders, he can be found hanging with his wife and two amazing young sons.

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