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10 Things in Education that Worry Me

If you were to take a glance around social media (and in many of the current books on education out… Read More

Ryan’s First TEDx Talk Now Available!

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Pondering Education: Season 2 – Episode 1: #NewTeacherJourney

Pondering Education Season 2: Episode 1 #NewTeacherJourney Release Date: Monday, September 3, 2018 w/ Special Guest: Susan Jachymiak Meet Susan… Read More

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Pondering Education: Episode 18 – Literacy is LIT!

Pondering Education Episode 18: Literacy is LIT Release Date: Monday, August 27, 2018 w/ Special Guest: Dr. Tim Rasinski  … Read More

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Pondering Education: Episode 16 – Be REAL with Tara Martin

Pondering Education Episode 16: #BeREAL with Tara Martin Brought to you by: REALLY GOOD STUFF Release Date: August 1, 2018… Read More

Constructivist Learners – Learn HOW TO LEARN

Last year, my wife and I made the very difficult decision to uproot our family and move to Charlottesville, VA.… Read More

My Advice for Incoming Teachers

Veteran teachers always look back on their early years and say:   “If only I knew then what I know… Read More

REGURGITATION MINDSET — 5 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mindset

The real world puts great value in hiring the best person for an organization’s needs. Each industry is unique. They… Read More

It’s Time for Education to Engage in Competition

As teachers, we are in a very competitive battle for a child’s attention. Outside of our walls, kids are immersed… Read More

Pondering Education: Video Blog (3/11/18)

Video Blog – Sunday, March 11, 2018 Click here for previous episodes of The Pondering Education Podcast