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Pondering Education

Season 2: Episode 11

“Supporting Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students”

Release Date: Sunday, March 24, 2019

Episode Overview

On tonight’s episode, Ryan speaks with Vanessa Ford and Becca Mui on how we can best support our transgender and gender non-conforming students in school. It’s a fantastic conversation that touches upon the benefits of establishing GSAs, understanding the importance of pronouns, and much, much more. You won’t want to miss this conversation that was recorded live in Chicago during last week’s ASCD Empower19 conference!

Also in the episode, Ryan touches upon the topic of supporting students with ADHD. He speaks with Tim Grivois-Shah and Dr. Ravi Grivois-Shah on how schools can put plans in place to better meet the needs of students with ADHD!

Important Links

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Final Words

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We will see you later in the week when Ryan speaks with Karmen Rouland and Nyla Bell as we discuss racial equity in education!

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