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It’s official…

I’ll be speaking at the ASCD Empower 19 Conference next Spring in Chicago!

After attending this year’s conference in Boston, I came to admire ASCD so much for their whole-child model, inspirational sessions, and, simply put, their dedication to improving the educational experience of every student.

To say I’m thrilled to be presenting at next year’s conference would be the understatement of the century. I literally had to take a few moments to compose myself after receiving the news.

The title of my session is “Helping Introverts Find Their Voice.” It’s a subject matter that’s extremely personal to me, and I hope to inspire educators from around the world. Being an introverted young child is incredibly difficult. Without feeling as though your opinion matters, one can fall into spells of depression and anxiety. It’s a challenging way to have to go through school, and, without someone in your corner, lifting you up when times are tough, it’s easy to fall through the cracks. I hope to help those quiet students gain the self-confidence they deserve so they may find academic and social success.

If you’re attending Empower 19, I hope you’ll consider checking out the session! I can’t wait to meet the thousands of educators who’ll be in Chicago next Spring!

I’ll be posting numerous updates as we get closer to the event, as well as interviewing presenters who’ll be gearing up to inspire us all!