For Those Who Speak Out, and Those Who Don’t

Inspired by the nationwide walk outs last week, I wrote up a post about student activism, and the role I… Read More

REGURGITATION MINDSET — 5 Ways to Cultivate a Creative Mindset

The real world puts great value in hiring the best person for an organization’s needs. Each industry is unique. They… Read More

Those Who Can, Do…Those Who Can’t Teach

“Those who can, do…Those who can’t, teach”. What does that even mean?!? WAKE UP CALL!!!! Teaching is NO blue collar job!… Read More

Recapping a Busy First Day at #Empower18!

Earlier this morning, ASCD’s annual Empower conference kicked off at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Despite the early start… Read More

It’s Time for Education to Engage in Competition

As teachers, we are in a very competitive battle for a child’s attention. Outside of our walls, kids are immersed… Read More


Our Motto #BeGreatToday Gritty Responsible Empathetic Ambitious Tolerant Be sure to sign up for the Pondering Education newsletter! You’ll receive… Read More

A Letter to My Son

I wrote this letter to my son earlier this school year, just days before he was set to start kindergarten.… Read More

Engagement, Activism, and a Teacher’s Role

As I am sure most of you already know, students across the country recently participated in a series of student… Read More

A Letter To Students Participating in Tomorrow’s Walkout…

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Dear Students, Tomorrow’s the big day. You’ve been planning your walkout for the past 2 weeks.… Read More

Pondering Education: Video Blog (3/11/18)

Video Blog – Sunday, March 11, 2018 Click here for previous episodes of The Pondering Education Podcast